Finding Instagram Success: Build an Account People Care About



About This Class


Want to stand out on a crowded platform? You already have everything you need!

Join Us,  for a 60-minute class all about building an Instagram presence that embodies your whole self — and attracts followers who genuinely care!

Designed for anyone who wants to be someone online, each lesson provides accessible, actionable steps to take you from just another user to a must-follow account. 

Key lessons cover:

  • Defining Instagram success on your own terms
  • Debunking common myths and working with the algorithm
  • Creating a one-of-a-kind account that’s worth the follow
  • Building a community that’s obsessed with you

Plus, We shares tips and examples from her own journey to find balance online, as she grows a blog, maintains a career, and opens up about mental health on her feed.

Whether you’re an entrepreneur, aspiring influencer, or simply someone who wants to create content people care about, We holistic approach will eliminate the pressure and give you the tactical tools you need to achieve your goals, online and off!


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